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So, you got a new computer...

You want your stuff on that computer right? It can get complicated to copy all those documents, pictures, music files, videos and so on. But don't worry, we've got you covered. You can copy any files and settings, no matter how large, from your old computer to the new one without any special set up. As long as both computers are on your network, just download Easy PC Transfer on both computers and run!

No special cables • No software licenses • No logins • No limits

Quick Facts

Total Downloads2,759,080
SupportsWindows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
Maximum File Size4 TB
Cost $0.00

File transfers are optimized automatically

Get everything you need and leave behind what you don't!

Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Fonts


Profile Settings


Favorites, Links, and Other Stuff


Stuff you don't need


What do people say about Easy PC Transfer?

“ I thought I could copy files by removing my old hard drive and plugging it into the new computer - I didn't get far! Easy PC Transfer turned out to be much simpler and faster. ”

M. Parkinson - Springfield, IL

“ When I tried using Dropbox to copy all my stuff I ran into all kinds of limits with space and transfer speeds so I figured I would try Easy PC Transfer and voila! it was DONE. Just like that! ”

K. Stevens - Fairfield, CA

“ You guys have the best utility, I can't believe it's free! Setting up network shares and copying files was OK but I found I was still missing a lot of stuff, plus I had to "baby-sit" the process. Thank you for saving me! ”

J. McMillen - Allen, TX

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